~You Know You're from Hong Kong when...~

(Let's see how many actually applies...when I'm there.)

You go to Chinese restaurants to yum cha every day. (Yup, when I'm in HK...)

You go to concerts more that going to church. (Nope)

Your backpack weighed more than 40 pounds since primary school. (It did.)

You love to put stickers with Chinese phrases on your car. (Nope)

Your regular slang includes: pk and dnlm. (Nope)

You love the number "8" (bak). (Not really)

You have a pager. (Nope)

You wear a pair of oval-shaped glasses even though you don't need one. (Nope)

You call your secondary male teachers AH-SIR. (Nope)

You call your secondary female teachers MISSE. (Nope)

You wear designer clothes. (Nope)

You wished to join RHKPD when you were young. (Nope)

You had at least one nick name throughout your primary and secondary school. (Nope)

You are proud of your nationality - BDTC/BNO. (I'm American, not applicable.)

You could drink alcoholic beverages LEGALLY when you are 18. (Isn't that a fact?)

You like to drive Japanese/European cars but not American. (Nope)

You know what "Form One Jai" means. (Not off the top of my head.)

You don't call lottery as "lotto." You call it "Mark Six" instead. (Nope)

You are so "inch" (tsoon). (Nope)

You pretend you know Mandarin even though you DON'T. (Hahaha...*sighs*)

You only use the word "toilet," you never use the words "bathroom," or "restroom." (Yup)

You started singing karaoke when you were five. (Nope)

You drive an Integra. (Nope)

You are an expert in MJ. (Nope)

You tip only 10% in Hong Kong. (Nope)

You prefer Sony or Aiwa. (Nope)

You have more than 30 cousins. (Nope... I don't even have 10.)

You know what this means: hem ga chan. (Nope)

Ancient HKers call police as "Green Clothes." (Hmm...not sure)

You don't know much about the "Basic Law." (Yup)

You can't tell the difference between "Welcome" and "Wellcome." (Hahahaha...)

You have many many credit cards. (Yup)

You usually have more than two DVD players at home. (If you include computer, yeah)

You love to wear famous brand clothes: DKNY, Versace, Chanel, Polo, etc. (Nope)

You love to gossip about HK entertainment. (Nope)

You like discos. (Nope)

You watch both "Chinese" or "American" movies more than any other nationalities in the world. (TV stuff, at least)

When you say "how are you" in Mandarin, you are actually saying some bad words. (I don't think so... I hope not. o_O)

You never "french kiss" in the public. (Yup... I think.)

You speak Cantonese loudly although there are many Americans around. (Nope)

You only carry the latest cellular phone. (Nope)

12am is too early for you to sleep. (Yup)

12pm is too early for you to wake up. (Yup)

You never study until the day before the quiz. (Mostly)

You like to skate. (Nope)

You play badminton. (Not well)

You drink vita soy drink. (Yup)

You wear Seiko and Citizen. (Nope)

You eat instant noodles too much. (YUP!!!)

You are majoring in engineering or business management. (Nope)

You read "tsing tao" instead of "world journal" or "china press." (I don't read Chinese papers.)

You like to use Chinese slang. (Nope)

You don't wear shorts in summers. (Nope)

You never order appetizers at a restaurant. (Yup)

You wear long sleeves in summer. (Nope)

Your Chinese handwriting really sucks. (Nope... at least what I know how to write.)

You nick a lot of McDonalds' napkins. (Haha, yeah.)

You ask for extra coffee in McDonalds. (Nope)

You build a mountain of salad when you eat in Pizza Hut. (Yup, used to.)

Your stationeries are full of your favorite cartoon character. (Yup, used to.)

Your school bag cost well over $1000 dollars and is made of real leather. (Nope)

You are known by your foreign friends as somebody who knew martial arts since birth. (Nope)

You also have a collection of robot models, built or yet to be built. (Nope)

You call Lexus cars "Luss-us" instead or "Lex-us." (Nope)

If someone buys ANYTHING, you brag about how its cheaper in Hong Kong. (Sometimes, though it's more applicable to Mainland China now.)

You've bragged about the Hong Kong airport at least once. (Yup)

You call bus "bah see." (Yup)

You call cheese "chee see." (Yup)

You call Mercedes Benz cars "Benz- see." (Yup)

You see everyone around you with SARS protection mask! (I would hope not...)


Conclusion: Obviously, not everyone fits into these stereotypes. But at the same time, given that I grew up in the US, it's inevitable that many of these don't apply to me.


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Last Updated: September 24, 2006